About the crew at Green Vista Contracting - BC Sunshine Coast
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About Green Vista –
Sunshine Coast Construction Company

Female owned and operated …
how often do you hear that in reference to a construction company?

In this case it is true, but also irrelevant, because our strength is in the team. We have been lucky enough to join forces with some amazing contractors and we value their help and the talents of our staff above all else. Here is a bit about the team at Green Vista Contracting…

Penny Gotto - Project Manager / Director

Journeyman Carpenter
Project Manager / Director

Penny Gotto grew up on Vancouver Island. Her grandfather was a ship builder and her dad was in the window industry … so maybe it was genetic? Penny moved to Whistler, BC in 1997 and worked for Whistler Blackcomb as a supervisor in the operations department before transitioning into the maintenance division and finding her true love for building. She has always loved to get her hands dirty and to see the fruit of her labours materialize into something concrete. Working in the outdoors makes her smile.

Penny completed an apprenticeship with Vision Pacific Contracting out of Whistler. She apprenticed under some master craftsmen and worked on some multi million dollar homes. She then worked as a project manager for Wide Open Welding in Pemberton and learned more about steel structures than she ever anticipated. When Penny moved to the Sunshine Coast of BC in 2011 she had already been running Green Vista Contracting as a sole proprietor for a couple years. She incorporated the company in 2013.

Penny is a member of the RCMSAR or coast guard auxiliary out of Pender Harbour. She loves being out on the water or in the garden. Most importantly she strongly believes in fun, and that if you are having fun you are always going to do your best, so she encourages that in the workplace.